Lower Valley Energy

By Richelle Primm, SVI Media

Gas was first used for lighting in 1859, giving light to just a few homes. Twenty years later, electricity was invented, expanding the use of light in many homes. Today, Lower Valley Energy gives light and warmth to 28 thousand families in Wyoming.

Warren Jones, Distribution Engineer of Lower Valley Energy (LVE), said, “[Lower Valley] has the lowest rate in the entire nation for electricity.”

Jones said LVE has four main goals it tries to maintain: Safety, exceptional customer service, low rates, and service liability.

“We’ve been able to achieve all four,” Jones said. “Our quality is [also] a lot better than it used to be…we’ve made significant strides in that.”

Jones has been with LVE for 25 years. “It’s been a good choice. Lower Valley is a good place to work,” he said.

Jones also serves on the board for the Star Valley Chamber of Commerce on behalf of LVE. He said LVE has been a chamber member for quite a while.

He said he’s had a great experience being a part of the board. “It’s a great bunch of people and I believe in what we’re doing.”

One of the benefits of being a chamber member is having access to trainings businesses would have a hard time finding otherwise, especially at the rate they are offered, Jones said.

Jones said he encourages businesses to join the SV Chamber of Commerce. “It expresses the heart of community, being involved in things together.”

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