Silver Star Communications–A Family Company

By Richelle Primm, SVI Media

Silver Star Communications covers a regional area in western Wyoming and eastern Idaho, but they thoroughly enjoy the local business they provide to the people in Star Valley, where Silver Star began.

“Being local is an anchor to our brand,” Eric Gewiss, director of Marketing and Public Relations for Silver Star, said. “We live and work with the same people we go to church with, our kids go to school with, and who we shop with in the grocery store.”

Silver Star offers several types of services to businesses and residences. Some of these services include high speed internet, phone systems (mobile and landline), computer and phone repair, data center services, backup and storage for data, and door access for security purposes.

Gewiss said Silver Star prides itself on being forward thinking and is always on the lookout for the next technology offerings. The company is currently exploring how to better serve its customers and how to improve the customer experience with the evolution of “The Internet of Things.”

“With more and more internet connected devices in the home, it will become increasingly important to develop services that can accommodate and optimize their use,” Gewiss said.

Gewiss began working for Silver Star in December of 2014. He said he did a lot of research for all the jobs he applied and interviewed for, and he loved the fact that Silver Star was very family oriented. “If that didn’t exist I wouldn’t have taken the position.”

“Silver Star has an amazing CEO,” Gewiss said. “Allen Hoopes is extremely passionate about our community and that has a direct effect how we do business here.”

Silver Star is a member of the SV Chamber of Commerce to help be involved in and give back to the community, Gewiss said.

“In the last four years, I’ve met more people and developed more business relationships from being a part of the Chamber of Commerce,” Gewiss said. “I’ve been welcomed and embraced in the community and have had opportunities to give back to the community, which is an important part of my personal life.”

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